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Gboard for Android Update brings new languages ​​and options

The Gboard probably the best keyboard app available for Android, thanks to the excellent keyboard performance and the great integration of Google Services. Well, the keyboard just improved. Google has updated Gboard with new languages, editing tools and customization options.

Gboard now supports 22 new Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, etc. Along with support for new languages, the update also adds support for Kinyarwanda and Waray. Gboard also offers transliteration features for all new languages. This means that when you type "aapko holi ki hardik shubhkamnay", it is typed as "".

Along with the new languages, Gboard also offers better editing features. In the "G" menu of the keyboard, you will find the new text editing icon, where you will have the cursor control, options to select text, cut, copy or paste text . The new update also allows you to adjust the size and position keyboard, which can be useful if you think the keyboard is too small or too big for your taste.

These features are available with the latest version of Gboard 6.2.34, so go to the Play Store and update the app immediately. Also, let us know how you like the new features in the comments section below.