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Free Word-like programs

Often we ask ourselves, especially in the moment of need when we are in front of our PC, what are the best alternatives to Word. An absolutely legitimate question that, I guarantee you many ask themselves, as Word Office is a paid program.

If you need an alternative quickly, you are in the right place, below you will find the best available to download for free. If you do not find what you need, you can always have a look at our guide to the best programs for writing.

Alternatives to Word

We have divided in this article, both the alternative programs to Word, and the Online tools that do not require any installation and are the best alternative for quick changes.


Online alternatives

Save on Office Word


certainly one of the best free alternatives available today to the Word package of Office.LibreOffice Writer is part of the LibreOffice office suite and can offer you many of the characteristic features of Word: from formatting text to inserting macros, tables and various objects, up to integration with all the others programs from the same suite, for example, it is very easy to include a LibreOffice Calc worksheet in a Writer document.

LibreOffice Writer

Furthermore, in recent years, LibreOffice Writer has obtained full compatibility with the documents of the most recent versions of Word, those with the .docx extension, which you can easily modify and save. The entire LibreOffice suite is completely free and open source and can be downloaded directly from the link below.

DOWNLOAD | LibreOffice

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WPS Office Writer is also one of the most valid substitutes for Word. It is also part of a complete suite, WPS Office, which is also available in a free but not open source version. In addition to having most of the Word features in it, as you can see from the image below WPS Office Writer also graphically very similar to the Microsoft home program.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-34407" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /WPS-Office-Writer.png” alt=”WPS Office Writer” width=”793″ height=”374″ data-lazy-/>

With WPS Office Writer you can create new documents, edit existing ones and save them using the default format of Microsoft Word (.docx), as well as integrate elements from other programs in the same suite. In its free version WPS Office Writer presents advertisements (which, however, are fairly discreet and will not annoy your work), which you can remove by purchasing the paid version.

You can download WPS Office in its free version from the link below. Unfortunately the program is not available in Italian but only in English and a few other languages.

DOWNLOAD | WPS Office Free


AbiWord definitely a program dedicated to lovers of simplicity: few frills, surely not excellent aesthetics but a good dose of functionality.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-34401" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /AbiWord.jpg” alt=”AbiWord "width =" 584 "height =" 550 "srcset =" 584w, wp-content / uploads / 2017/10 / AbiWord-300×283.jpg 300w,×420.jpg 446w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 584px) 100vw, 584px" />

AbiWord's strong point is certainly its lightness.

If you have a not very powerful computer, if you don't have time to download larger programs or if you simply like functional but snappy word processing software then I suggest you give it a chance. You certainly won't regret it!

You can download AbiWord from the link below.


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Apache OpenOffice Writer ranks right in the list of the best alternatives since, practically, it is part of the Apache OpenOffice suite which, in reality, the LibreOffice pap that we have seen together previously. Both programs share the same basic code, most of them features and have a very similar interface.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-34402" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Apache-OpenOffice-Writer.png” alt=”Apache OpenOffice Writer” width=”793″ height=”519″ data-lazy-/>

The differences? Apache OpenOffice Writer has a smaller set of models (but you can still use those compatible with LibreOffice or find many online) and receives much rarer updates than those of its direct descendant. In addition, OpenOffice Writer is managed directly by Apache. So, if for some reason the updates of the various programs were a problem (if for example you are not a system administrator and you do not have permission to act independently), Apache OpenOffice Writer is the choice for you.

You can download the Apache OpenOffice suite for free directly from the link below.

DOWNLOAD | Apache OpenOffice


If you have Windows 10 at hand, you cannot or do not want to download and install additional programs or if time is running out so much that you have to find an instant solution, you can always use Windows 10's WordPad, the finally improved version of the default Windows text editor!

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-34406" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /WordPad.jpg” alt=”WordPad "width =" 782 "height =" 525 "srcset =" 782w, wp-content / uploads / 2017/10 / WordPad-300×201.jpg 300w,×516.jpg 768w, https: // www.×403.jpg 600w,×467.jpg 696w, https: //×420.jpg 626w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 782px) 100vw, 782px "/>

Fully compatible with .docx files and with a clearly refreshed interface, WordPad is a very valid text editor thanks to which you can open, edit and also create Word documents, however it lacks a good part of the characteristic features of Word (for example macros and the use of templates, just to name two). As an emergency solution to write or edit documents on the fly, however, WordPad is definitely a valid alternative to Word: you can insert images, files and objects and format texts.

You will find Wordpad pre-installed in Windows 10: just search for it in the Start menu.

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Alternative online to Word

You can't nor do you want to download, install or use programs on your computer but do you want to rely on your browser? Then you can rely on these excellent online alternatives to Word, which are Word Online and Google Docs.


Word Online represents a real browser-based version, but quite reduced in functionality, of Microsoft Word.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-34405" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Word-Online.jpg” alt=”Word Online” width=”793″ height=”367″ data-lazy-/>

You can use it for free as long as you have an Outlook account; you can save your files directly to the Microsoft OneDrive cloud or to Dropbox.Word Online can be used directly from the link below.

LINK | Word Online


Another valid alternative to Word is certainly Google Docs: here too we are talking about a free service that allows you to create and manage documents; these can be saved to the Google Drive cloud (therefore you will need to have a Google account to use the service) and downloaded later.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-34403" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Google-Docs.jpg” alt=”Google Docs” width=”793″ height=”385″ data-lazy-/>

If you want you can also edit Word documents with Google Docs: you will simply have to upload them to Google Drive and open them from the web interface of the cloud. You can access Google Docs directly from the link below.

LINK | Google Docs

Save on Office Word

Many think that to buy Word Office, it is necessary to spend a few hundred euros and therefore not even inquire instead about how little it can cost.

In fact, you can buy the Microsoft Office license on Amazon, which includes in addition to Word, also Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote and Outlook: