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Foursquare activates home deliveries

New feature coming soon for the app: food can be ordered at home in 36 US cities


You're going to see that Foursquare really bounces back. In the last period, it has presented many novelties (automatic translation, travel itineraries, etc.), but this seems to be the most attractive: the home delivery.

The geolocation platform and reviews of clubs and places of interest announced an agreement with (which will appear in the form of an icon) and Button. Collaborations that translate into the possibility of requesting home deliveries. In 36 American cities where the service is active, just check which places carry out the service to order dishes, food, various drinks.

In the description of, we also talk about services that go beyond meals delivered at home, such as the possibility of organizing releases and deliveries with your own trusted laundry. all to see, but it seems that Foursquare has finally brought home a nice point.

"We like to be able to offer services for the market that enrich the consumer experience and help them connect with large local merchants, as happens with"Said David Ban, Director of Business Development.


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