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Elecom, anti-theft device for iPod

Recently the iPod has become a real benchmark, to estimate the purchasing power of a currency. Now it almost seems that the Apple player has become a real "value", to be kept in the safe. This is certainly the idea of ??the minds of Elecom, a Japanese company that has decided to launch a padlock-cover for iPod.

A case that seals closes the mp3 player, inside an ABS resin shell, complete with a four-digit combination, safety hook and screen cover. Available for both iPod with video, and for iPod nano 1G and 2G.

Probably the creators of this product are suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder, which leads them to continuously check if their iPod has been stolen by some quick pickpocket, ready to cut off any hand that comes too close to the precious technological device.

The only use of an object like this can be the implementation within museums or institutions that tend to rent iPods, even for a few hours, with the aim of preventing misappropriation.

The case will be available on the market towards the end of February at a price of about 42 Dollars, but is not yet aware of a possible European distribution.

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