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Christmas wallpapers to beautify PCs and smartphones

The Christmas approach and you can beautify everything themed, including the desktop of your PC or the background of the smartphone. If you don't know how to get new high quality and high resolution wallpapers, you can solve by following the simple instructions in the guide below, where I will show you the best resources where download free christmas wallpapers for PC / Mac (any resolution) and per smartphone.

Use Google Images to get wallpapers

Without having to visit sites or anything else, you can get all the backgrounds you want by using Google Images intelligently, as I will explain in this part of the guide. If you want ready-made images you can safely move on to the following chapters of the guide where I have collected the best resources to download the Christmas-themed wallpapers for PC / Mac and for smartphones.

First of all open the page of Google Images using the following link.

LINK | Google Images

Google Images

In the central search bar you can use one of the following keyword to find the right wallpapers:

  • Christmas backgrounds
  • Christmas wallpaper
  • HD Christmas wallpaper
  • Christmas wallpapers for smartphones
  • Wallpaper Christmas
  • Wallpaper Christmas HD
  • Mobile Wallpaper Christmas

Google will show you the best results found based on the keyword you have chosen to use. To download an image to be used as a Christmas background, simply click on the image and then on "View image".

Christmas backgrounds

Once you open the image in a new tab, do click with the right button on it, use the "Save image as …"or similar buttons (change from browser to browser).

Save Christmas image

Once the download is complete, you can use the image as a background for your desktop or crop it to fit on a smartphone screen. You can use our guide: How to edit images online

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If you don't like the chosen image but want to see similar ones, just open the suggestions offered by Google Images in the drop-down menu that will appear ("Related images") after clicking on one of the images that appeared in the search.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-36549" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Immagini-correlate_risultato.jpg” alt=”Related images” width=”793″ height=”420″ data-lazy-/>

Christmas wallpapers optimized for PC and Mac

For PC you will have to focus on larger backgrounds, necessary to sufficiently cover all the most common resolutions available on modern monitors; generally the most common resolutions are: 768p for laptops, 1080p for desktop monitors.

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The best resources you can use to download Christmas wallpapers can be found in the following list:

Christmas wallpapers optimized for smartphones

On smartphones, it is much simpler to obtain new wallpapers, both by downloading them from the Web and passing them to the internal memory of the device and by using apps dedicated to downloading wallpapers for smartphones, including Christmas themes.

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The best sites you can try to download your Christmas themed wallpapers optimized for any type of smartphone are:

If you own a device Androidand you want to download new Christmas wallpapers using apps, you can bet on the ones below (for Android devices):

If you have a iPhone you can use one of the following apps:

All apps reported are free just as the wallpapers that can be downloaded from the above apps are free! All that remains is to indulge yourself and immediately download images to be applied to any device.