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Audiostation Express, portable iPod docking station from Logitech

Available from Logitech the Audiostation Express, a comfortable portable dock station of small dimensions, but with an intriguing style. Clean lines, essential and compact but refined design, the Audiostation has a dock slot on the upper side; the slightly inclined front integrates the speakers and the volume knob, with a back-lit recess.

The Logitech product compatible with all iPod 4G, 5G, iPod nano of first and second generation, and iPod mini; then there is an additional 3.5 mm audio line-in, to be able to connect other audio devices. It works both through the mains (the power supply included), and with batteries, specifically six AA batteries, which ensure 10 hours of autonomy.

The package also includes a remote control for remote control and a case to protect the Audiostation during transport.

The price of the Logitech Audiostation Express of 99.95 Euro. In Italy Logitech products are distributed by Attiva and Executive