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App to watch TV on mobile for free

Are you away from the living room at home but don't want to miss watching your favorite TV channels? If you are away from home, you can use your smartphone or tablet to watch some TV both using the data network and connecting to WiFi hotspots (more and more popular in shopping malls, shops and restaurants) .In this guide I will show you the best apps to watch TV on all mobile devices, you will find both the apps available for Android and those for iOS.

App to watch TV on mobile


raiplay app

The first app to watch TV on your smartphone and tablet that I can recommend RaiPlay. With this app you can see the best of the programs broadcast on the RAI networks, including the direct channels of the individual channels. If the program you follow on the RAI networks, this app must not be missing on your smartphone! Lapp allows you to watch 14 RAI channels live without having to register.

You can download the app for free using one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | RaiPlay (Android)

DOWNLOAD | RaiPlay (iPhone)

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Mediaset On Demand

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If the program you want to follow at all costs when you are away from home on Mediaset networks, you just have to download the official app. Compared to the RAI app, it requires registration with the Mediaset service in order to watch the live TV channels without limits.

To be able to register for the service, just use the following link. You will be given the opportunity to make a quick registration using Facebook as an account.

LINK | Mediaset registration

Once registered you can download the Mediaset On Demand app to your mobile phone using one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Mediaset On Demand (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Mediaset On Demand (iPhone)


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Among the apps to watch TV on your smartphone, Dplay is also available, which offers the best of the programs broadcast on Discovery channels (Real Time, Dmax, Focus and Yellow) .This app does not currently offer direct TV channels, but still allows to review all the programs broadcast with a simple click. All multimedia contents are offered without having to register, but with the insertion of advertising messages before the video starts and during the reproduction of the video (more or less halfway).

You can download Dplay for free using one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Dplay (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Dplay (iPhone)

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Paramount Channel Italy

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Have you enjoyed the TV series and the films broadcast on the Paramount Channel? You can continue to follow your favorite programs even on the move with the official app. The app does not require registration and allows you to access all the content already broadcast on the digital terrestrial channel; this app also allows you to watch live TV, so you don't miss a movie!

You can download the Paramount Channel Italia app for free from one of the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Paramount Channel Italy (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Paramount Channel Italy (iPhone)

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Watch Live TV and Radio Online (Android)

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The latest app that I point out to you Watch Live TV and Radio Online, available exclusively for Android devices. The app allows you to see numerous Italian and foreign channels without any registration and without any viewing limit. Among the channels definitely available with Sky TG24, but the other Italian channels are added and removed continuously based on the streaming available. In addition to the TV, there are also numerous radio channels, useful for listening to your favorite broadcasters in areas where reception of the FM signal is not optimal.

You can download this app from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Watch Live TV and Online Radio

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