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Android, Adblock Fast returns to the Play Store

The software that blocks web advertising on Samsung smartphones is available again. At the base of the removal only a mistake

(Photo: Rocketship Apps)(Photo: Rocketship Apps)

He had had the discussion in recent days disappearance from the Play Store of Adblock Fast, an Android app that takes advantage of some new Samsung browser features to block advertising banners on the web pages viewed by the Korean manufacturer's smartphones. That the house of Mountain View does not look favorably on the adversaries of online advertising in fact not a mystery, but that it has been activated with so much diligence in this regard, and moreover towards an independent developer, it was still worthy of attention.

Now the alarm returned: the Rocketship study, author of the app, says. The latter in fact contacted Big G, which agreed to readmit a new version of the app in its store. The removal of Adblock Fast was due to a violation of a distribution agreement clause for developers, which prevents them from publishing apps that illegally interfere with software and services developed by third parties. It was enough for Rocketship to remind Google that their app only interacts with the Samsung browser, and that the Korean company has made public the instructions for the advertising block precisely because they are used by external software.


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