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7 Free PDF writers and PDF printers

If you have your own small business, you've probably already realized the benefits of free software! Yes, nice to have a little technical support by buying software from large companies like Microsoft and Adobe, etc., but sometimes the price wins on everything.

Frankly, purchasing Adobe Acrobat for all employees of our company so that they can create PDF files would be a horrible waste of money. There are many high-quality programs that can be used to generate PDF files for free quickly and easily. Of course, there aren't many programs out there that can do what Microsoft Exchange can do, so this is a different story.

But if you are looking for a simple and elegant solution to create PDF documents for free and get the same results as if you were using a commercial application, check out the following list below among my favorite PDF writers and printers.

Free PDF Creator App

1. CutePDF

CutePDF by far one of the best programs out there for creating PDF documents on the fly. Basically it installs as a new printer on your computer and every time you want to create a PDF document, just print on the CutePDF printer.

It works on all 64-bit Windows 98 to Windows 10 operating systems. fast and generates small PDF files. The other cool thing about CutePDF which has some advanced features like an API, so you can integrate PDF creation capability into custom applications and even in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment.

2. PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF another basic PDF creator that simple to use, but has an ad in it. It works the same way as CutePDF, anything you can print can be converted to a PDF file. The only interesting feature that can create PDFs of different sizes depending on what you want to use: online viewing, eBooks, office printing and prepress (high-end printing).

also possible to combine multiple PDF files and password protect PDF files. it is also possible to add metadata such as Title, Author, Subject, etc. To the document.

3. Bullzip

Bullzip probably has most of the features of all the PDF creators listed here. Here is a list of some of the features that may be affected: ability to password protect PDF files, ability to encrypt PDF files, ability to add a watermark, ability to merge PDF files, ability to choose the quality of output and capacity change the metadata.

It also includes translations into a lot of other languages, so if you have a company with offices around the world, this would be a good choice. For IT people, it can be controlled via the command line and has a COM / ActiveX interface so you can control it programmatically. It works with Windows 10, 8, Vista and XP and with the server versions of Windows.

4. doPDF

doPDF similar to CutePDF in terms of functionality it has to offer. a basic PDF creator and gives you the ability to control the output quality, which other programs do too, but have more functionality. Overall, it's probably not worth using unless you can get something else to work.

It supports 64-bit systems and does not require GhostScript like CutePDF Writer. In addition, PDFs are searchable. Bullzip has the most features, but for some reason it doesn't always create searchable documents. It does this on some programs like Word, but not for Excel.

5. PDFCreator

PDFCreator probably the second best PDF creator on this list in terms of functionality. Not as simple as CutePDF Writer and has almost the same number of Bullzip features except for 64-bit support and some missing watermark features.

The nice thing about PDFCreator which also has a server installer that can be installed on the print server and then used over the network without having to distribute it individually on each computer. If you don't need all the Bullzip features, this may be the best option for a small business network.

6. TinyPDF

TinyPDF another very simple PDF creator like CutePDF. It's only okay if you want to install something that is very "small" and fast. It doesn't have all the great features like password protection, encryption, metadata editing, etc.

However, super small (586 KB) and super fast converts. It allows you to add and merge PDF documents and supports large paper formats for desktop publishers and CAD engineers. In addition, it creates some of the smallest PDF files among all programs. Supports Windows XP up to Windows 10.

7. PDF995

Finally, there is PDF995, which allows you to print any PDF document for free. It also has a slew of other features, which makes it quite large. However, I don't like the fact that it displays advertisements if you are using the free version. There are several above that I said don't show ads, so PDF995 has some tough competition!

I'm sure there are multiple programs out there that can create PDFs for free, so if I missed one, please post it in the comments! To enjoy!