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10 iOS 12 Hidden features you should know

iOS 12 – the latest major iteration of Apple's mobile operating system hit a hit after iOS 11 saw what were probably the most difficult life cycles of an iOS version ever. I'm not even kidding, iOS 11 was as crappy as it was, it was one of the reasons I went back to Android in the first place; and so, with a sigh of relief, I read the news about Apple that decided to focus on stability and performance improvements with iOS 12, and so it was, even my old and almost battered iPhone 5s now usable thanks to iOS 12 ( not that I am is using, but I digress).

However, even with everything that focuses on making iOS again fantastic, the Cupertino giant has obviously highlighted some features such as Screen Time, a better battery section in Settings, new Animojis, you understand the idea. However, as always, there are a lot of hidden features in iOS 12 that you may not be aware of.

Hidden features of iOS 12

1. Trackpad keyboard on iPhones without 3D Touch

This is my favorite since it adds the usability that was previously only available on iPhone with 3D touch. Basically, you can now long press the space bar on iPhones without 3D touch to convert the keyboard into a large trackpad and move the cursor the same way you would on the laptop trackpad – it may not seem like much, but a change this makes it very easy editing the text on the iPhone, and it was still necessary since the iPhone XR doesn't come with 3D touch, and this use case seems to be probably the only useful use case for 3D touch to be honest.

2. AirDrop password

With iOS 12, sharing saved passwords between iOS devices and macOS has been made even easier. Now you can simply enter AirDrop passwords between devices and the receiving device can easily add them. The process is easy enough, but if you wish, we also have a step-by-step guide.

3. Add an additional face in face ID

Face ID may not be the fastest facial recognition system, but it is certainly one of the safest on a smartphone. One of the disadvantages of Face ID in iOS 11 was that only one face could be added, which means that if you want to allow someone else to access your iPhone, Face ID was out of the question. However, with iOS 12, you can add an alternative look to your iPhone. Just set the second person's face here and purple! you can now unlock the iPhone with Face ID.

Technically speaking, this feature designed to allow the same user to add an alternative look to iOS 12 (hence the name), but this is a clean way of adding two faces to your iPhone. As always, we have a step-by-step guide on this.

4. Color palette in Screenshot Editor

The 'Instant Markup' tool that first appeared with iOS 11 last year has been improved in iOS 12. Now there is a new color palette in the tool that you can use to create annotations with many more colors than before. The palette does not offer a color wheel or anything else, instead there are samples of multiple shades of colors to choose from. It may not be as robust as a color wheel, but seriously, how many colors will you use for the annotation anyway?

If you are interested in using this color palette, we have a detailed guide on how to find and use it.

5. Direct scanning of documents with 3D Touch

If you are the type of person who likes to keep a digital copy of their documents, restaurant receipts, or anything else like that, this new iOS 12 feature will certainly be useful. The default Notes app in iOS 12 now has a "Scan Documents" option when you tap 3D on the Notes app icon on the home screen. With this, you can scan a document directly and it is added to a new note. certainly useful to quickly scan a document and organize it later.

6. Scan QR codes directly from the Control Center

If you launch the iPhone camera app and point it to a QR code, it can scan it and show the link or text embedded in it. This is a pretty nice feature in itself; however, scanning QR codes is now easier than ever because you don't even need to start the camera. You can simply open the Control Center and touch the QR Code button. This will launch the camera directly and scan the QR code the phone is pointing to. very useful, and since in the Control Center you can go directly from any app to the scan QR codes without having to go to the home screen, starting the camera and therefore scan it.

7. Ask Siri to show you your passwords

Siri is becoming smarter and, although not up to Google Assistant or Alexa, it still has the advantage of being deeply tied to iOS. In iOS 12, Siri makes even more use of this integration: you can now ask Siri to show you the saved passwords. You can also ask Siri to show you a saved password for a specific service, so you can say something like "Hey Siri, show me my Yahoo password" and will be happy to accommodate you. I won't go into detail here, but if you are interested in this feature, you should take a look at our detailed article.

Bonus iOS 12 Features

I have 3 other features that I really want to tell you about. They are not exactly hidden features, per se, but they are definitely useful and / or interesting so I think you will enjoy reading about them.

8. Automatic OTP filling

If you've ever used an app to automatically fill OTPs on your phone, iOS 12 now has that ability built in. Whenever you are in an app, waiting for an OTP to arrive, you will not have to open the SMS to verify the OTP and then write it again. With iOS 12, the OTP will automatically be suggested to you on the keyboard itself, and all you have to do is touch it and you're done! I really like it.

9. Siri reminds you to call people back

As I said earlier, Siri may not be the smartest AI assistant, but she is getting better. With iOS 12, Siri now reminds you to call people back if you have a missed call from them. It also learns your calling habits over time and suggests people you may want to call based on the time of day, where you are, etc. definitely a useful feature and you can read more here.

10. App timers on individual apps

I'm pretty sure you know there is a new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 that allows you to monitor your iPhone usage and even apply limits on how long you can use an app in a day. However, these limits are applied to app categories by default, so if you want to apply app limits to individual apps, you can check out our guide on how to do the same.

Use these iOS 12 features to make your experience even better

iOS 12 excellent software. fast and reliable, the number of bugs discovered so far has been significantly lower than that of iOS 11 and Apple is making iOS 12 even better with further updates. With these hidden features of iOS 12, you can make your iOS experience even better and possibly more productive, depending on which features you use the most.

Anyway, if you find a hidden functionality of iOS 12 you can send us a line and we will add it to this list.