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YouTube updates the regulations on harassment

The rules will prohibit not only explicit threats (as is already the case), but also veiled or implicit threats

Make interactions between community members more respectful. YouTube updates the regulations on harassing behavior and announces the ironic removal of video threats to people, which reveal confidential personal information or encourage users to take it out on someone. The new rules not only will they prohibit explicit threats, but also those veiled or implied. It includes content that simulates an individual's violence or language that insinuates physical violencecouldfuture.

"To establish a coherent criterion on what content is not allowed on YouTube, we started with the set of rules used to contrasthate speech. We will no longer allow content that insults someone on the basis of personal and sensitive characteristics, such as provenance or letnia, gender identity or sexual orientation. This principle applies to everyone, from private citizens, to YouTube creators, to public officials. "

The channels that violate and oppose the rules will be put in a position to no longer be able to earn from our platform, until the channel is closed, warns YouTube, which explains how updates to the rules will also be applied to "toxic" comments. This novelty will lead to an increase in interventions, which in the first quarter it was 16 million. Creators will also be able to intervene in conversations by reporting comments that, while not openly violating our policies, are inappropriate.

YouTube updates the regulations but in democracy

YouTube updates the regulations

"In making these changes, it is vital that YouTube remains a place where people can express their ideas, and we will continue to protect discussions on public interest and artistic topics. We also believe that these discussions can take place in such a way as to invite participation, without anyone ever having to fear for their own safety. We are committed to constantly evaluating our policies to ensure that they preserve the magic of YouTube, and to always live up to the expectations of our community". he therefore concludedMatt Halprin – Vice President, Google's Global Head of Trust & Safety.