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X-Box: The Great Farce.

X-Box: The Great Farce. | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The C.E.S. (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas and in the media of our country you will find the usual plethora of more or less useful, more or less innovative news, presented at the electronics fair. Obviously all the titles of our press have gone to the sensational novelty of Microsoft: X-BOX. We have seen enthusiastic reports, titles of the genre "Now games can be saved even on Hard Disk" which predicted yet another success of the brilliant Bill Gates.

Too bad that X-Box does not exist yet if not in the wishes of revenge by Redmond against Sony and Nintendo.None of those present in Las Vegas was able to see the working object: what was shown to the public was a simple black box not working and the demonstration was only a movie made for the occasion.

It was therefore a pure farce mounted to attract the attention of the media and to divert it from products perhaps not yet perfectly in place but at an advanced stage of development such as those of Nintendo.

Our (rightly) hyper-critical readers many times complain about Apple when it announces products available after a few weeks … Perhaps the fact that the greatest protagonist in the IT world can make real a product that will perhaps be available among many months.

It is a pity that many of our glorious newspapers appear on Microsoft's hook.

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