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With Duet Display iPad becomes a dual monitor for the Mac

Selavori con il Macyou can often find yourself with the need to keep an open application. Although in OS X there is an excellent management of multi-desktops, sometimes it may be more convenient to have a second monitor on which to manage multiple windows. If you don't have a second monitor where you can connect your Mac but you have an iPad, then Duet Display the right solution for you.

Duet Display an application for iOS and Mac that has been released by a team of former Apple engineers. What allows you to do it very simple: after installing the app on iPad (universal app and therefore also compatible with iPhone) and on Mac (some drivers will be installed to use liPad as external display), just connect the device to the Mac via lightning cable and start the two apps. The Mac will automatically recognize LiPad as an external display, which can be used and managed in the same way as a normal monitor connected to OS X.

Duet DisplayDuet Display manages the resolution of the iPad retina screens and an image refresh rate of 60FPS. This guarantees a use without any limitation, also allowing the viewing of films without lag of any kind. Furthermore, the touch screen can be used to interact with the applications that will be launched on the iPad, even if sometimes it is difficult to press the keys and it is not possible to scroll the pages with your fingers but only via mouse or trackpad.

Lapp compatible with all devices with iOS 7 or higher and OS X Mavericks and higher installed. Even older devices are supported and work without any lag (I personally tested the app on a third generation iPad and a 2011 MacBook Air and I have not encountered problems during use) and this highlights an excellent work of optimization and integration of Duet Display both with iOS and with OS X.

If you feel the need for a second monitor for your Mac but want to save on the purchase, then I recommend you download Duet Display, purchasable at the price of 9.99 directly onApp Store (the Mac version downloadable for free directly from developer site).

Although the project is still young, the app works very well, showing excellent margins for improvement for the future with the integration of new functions, even if in the last year it has improved considerably.