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USB 2 on our Macs

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The hypothesis had already been advanced, now a pleasant reality. If we don't know anything about Apple's decisions on whether or not to adhere to the USB 2 standard on upcoming machines, third-party manufacturers are currently solving the problem. Orange Micro, which announces a PCI USB 2 card compatible with Mac and PC, has the record this year: the standard USB2 performance: up to 480 Mbps and 127 contemporary peripherals. With these performances we would have a USB port with speeds very similar to the current FireWire implementation, which currently supports speeds of up to 400 Mbps, while, with the next logic cards, FireWire should return to have a clear advantage over USB, bearing the port capacity up to 800 Mbps. In addition to the PCI card, Orange will also market a PC Card, available from March, which will allow all laptop owners to take advantage of these interfaces, as long as you have a PowerBook G3: given the performance, Card Bus technology will be indispensable. It is difficult to say whether USB 2 will meet the manufacturers' favor, many peripherals simply do not need such speeds and having to re-engineer them in order not to obtain concrete advantages could be not very convenient; where surely USB 2 will find excellent ground on storage and back-up devices, external hard disks, burners and removable devices could all take advantage of the new technology.

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