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This alarm only turns off if you take a picture of yourself

The alarm clock application only turns off in front of a self-timer, but it also has other sleep-related functions


Many have tried to invent alarm clocks that prevented almost unwitting switching off, the one that makes them turn to the other side and go back to sleep until the unmanageable accumulation of delay. Snape Me Up a new attempt to remedy the problem. It's about a Wake-Selfies, that is, an app that when trills to throw the user out of bed, is deactivated only with a self-timer.

The horror gallery will end up in a folder called "My sleepy shots" and the images, as well as being browsed, can be modified (there will be a lot of need) and perfinocondivise (for those who have the courage). For the daredevils, there is the 3-click alarm clock option and that video (8 seconds of pure embarrassment, so as not to miss anything).

The application, designed by an Energy Engineering student at the Polytechnic of Milan, Michael Fabozzi, also has other functions that can also interest those who do not really want to immortalize their own face in a second after opening their eyes. TheDiary of dreams, to pin down what is marked, attach images or record them, if you are in a hurry, e Help me sleep, a gallery of relaxing sounds for those who find it hard to sleep.

At the moment the application is available on Android, but the iOS version is already in the programming phase.Wake me up when theselfie ends.


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