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The keyboard that puts everyone in agreement

The keyboard that puts everyone in agreement | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

For those who write a lot, having an indispensable comfortable keyboard, for those who have space problems or move often, the dimensions are much more important, if we have a Palm, a full keyboard can be almost huge. Matias Corporation thought with its Half Keyboard, a real "half" keyboard. The product is indeed a keyboard, but only up to the letter T! The other letters are duplicated on the existing keys in reverse order and will be accessible only by pressing the space bar, which will function as a real shift.In addition to the undoubted advantages in terms of size and practicality, the half keyboard, assure the producers, it will be very easy to use, even by those who are familiar with the normal keyboard: using the left hand, with a very short learning period, we will be able to reproduce the movements of the right hand too thanks to the mirror arrangement of the letters available only in combination with the space bar … The cost of the device, for mac, of 99 dollars, while the "wearable" kit costs 199 dollars. Surely the dimensions will be comfortable, on the comfort of writing and on the speed with which it will be possible to type texts, instead , we have some suspicions: obtaining up to 88% of the performances obtainable with two hands, but using only one hand (m agari while the other on the mouse) seems really optimistic, we are waiting to try it to give you an impression of use.

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