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The gifs also arrive on Tinder

Baked with news for the dating app: animated images arrive and the possibility to like messages


Do you want to say it? We are sure? Think about it. Maybe better not. Maybe it would be better to start with an image, instead of the various "ciaoooooo", "what are you doing?", "What area are you from" and other repertoire phrases of Tinder's first chat after the match. The dating app doesn't leave anything new, and this time it rides the wave of what's popular: the gif.

Thanks to a partnership with Giphy, it will be possible to send the animated images on the chat and those who receive them will also be able to indicate that they have appreciated the message, with a sort of Like.

In addition, other changes concern emoji and photos: the former will be larger than usual; the update regarding the images, on the other hand, is rather important: first they had to be chosen from those of their Facebook profile (which chose the order automatically, then allowing modification), while now it is they can directly select the camera roll of their smartphone.

For iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users the app also supports 3D Touch to generate a preview of the links received.


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