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The Filter: playlist music according to your tastes on iTunes

For many music fans, the creation of playlists plays a major role in the choice of songs to listen to, especially if you have an MP3 player that is not large enough to contain all your audio library. The Filter software is proposed as an original iTunes plug-in capable of assisting Apple software in the creation of guided playlists.

It is sufficient just to have an internet connection, install the program and the game made: the application will scan the songs contained in the library and begin to gradually learn what your favorite plays are, memorizing the chosen and discarded songs. Then send the data to an online database and compare them with those stored on the network.

In fact, another feature of the software is to take into account not only yours, but also the tastes of others: the online database contains all the combinations suggested and selected by those who use the software. Naturally the concept on which the philosophy of this program is based is that there is a sort of "taste" common to all listeners and that this taste is applicable to most of them.

Just select one or more tracks and the software will suggest which other tracks can be combined: it will be so easy to create more homogeneous playlists, to be combined with different activities or with different situations, such as jogging or relaxing moments.

In addition, the Filler function, thanks to a convenient interface, will simplify the loading of the aforementioned playlists on your iPod: just connect the Apple player, click on the appropriate icon, choose the parameters and the program will automatically load the songs onto the iPod.

Perhaps not essential software, but capable of adding that extra "quid" to the excellent iTunes.

Dpop the Windows XP version in freeware version that we reported to you in mid-December 2006 now the alpha version for Mac OS X is ready: you can download it from this page.

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