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Sony and Apple, rumors (denied) on the market

Sony and Apple, rumors (denied) on the market Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Some voices do not know how they are born, it is not known from whom they come; they arise suddenly, spread like a fire in the undergrowth, make some victims and then plunge back into thin air. Some of these are cyclical and although they have no basis, perhaps because they appear fascinating in their implications, they are really hard to die. Coming to our world a good example is the belief that Disney will sooner or later buy Apple, the second an agreement, in some form, including the merger, between Apple and Sony. Just this last indiscretion returned to circulation yesterday on American markets , launched by who knows who. Some sectors of the financial market, the more speculative ones, have collected and made it their own, reaching the point of also purchasing packages of relevant shares of both companies. All this while Apple, questioned on the subject, did not respond as it never answered on the indiscretions, and Sony was silent, as a Japanese company policy when it comes to rumors. Despite this and despite the great part of observers has declared as "laughable" the hypothesis, its echoes have also made themselves felt on the Japanese market and then on the European ones, squares on which some believe that an alliance of this type may be one of the best solutions to bring the Apple crisis out of the crisis. by the insistence and persistence of the indiscretion, the managers of Sony have decided for an intervention. Asked by the prestigious Reuters, Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei bothered: "we have no intention of participating in an auction for the purchase of Apple. This hypothesis simply does not exist. " Idei added "I remind you that these indiscretions arise every two or three years" Already at the end of the morning, after this service from Reuters, the indiscretion was losing credit even to those who had supported it more than others.

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