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Smartphones on New Year's Eve, the most popular and most hated uses

He is the absolute protagonist of the longest night of the year, although there are widespread and even hated customs

Is the smartphone a New Year's essential element? The scent was already there. And the answer we anticipate immediately. S absolute. But launching an interesting survey to the followers of its IG community has thought the French telephone company Wiko, to find out what are the most popular and hated smartphone uses and customs, on the occasion of December 31stAnd the smartphone on New Year's Eve seems to be destined to remain our favorite companion.

The60%of Wiko survey respondents said they wouldnot being able to put the smartphone aside on New Year's Eve. he was the protagonist of the social report of the evening, essential to post the photo of the party outfit, the traditional dish or spam chains of greetings to the whole section.

Yet despite his presence appearing to be inevitable, there is a time when almost everyone agrees in putting it aside. When? justduring the final countdown. L88%he absolutely does not want to miss the most important moment of the evening, the emotion of the passage from the old and the new year together with the conductor or the shift deejay that marks the passing of the minutes. And this brief moment of digital detox seems to continue when the punctual arrivesblock of the 00.00 network: for the60%of users a moment of relief and respite, which finally allows you to live it.

Smartphone on New Year's Eve? at the service of social networks

use of smartphone on New Year's Eve

Among the other clichés of December 31st, it emergesthe annual life balance. Who at the end of the year does not think about the usual list of good intentions to be put into practice starting from the first day of the following year? And how many publish it on social media?According to77%of the IG followers of Wikothe real good purpose of 2020stop writing posts about good intentions, because in the end it is known: they will never (almost) be respected.

Mainly tell the longest night with a photo? Just look at the social message boards. We start from the group photos with hats and whistles up to the most obvious glasses of bubbles that jingle in toasts and the classic fireworks difficult to immortalize. Which one do you most hate? Well the56%bans scenography photo of the fireworks.