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Programs for writing

Do you need to write a thesis, a paper or a treatise with the right form but you don't know which program you have to use? There are many programs to write on Windows, in this guide you can choose the one that best suits your needs, moreover some of them are in Cloud, a great resource that in the past would have come in handy for many people, from the loss of term papers due to a broken or worse lost hard disk or pen drive. Think about what it means, for example, to write a term paper, almost complete it and lose all the work and have to start over. In this article, I will show you both free writing programs and paid writing programs, so you can freely choose whether to spend money on the cause or use the valid free programs.

Free writing programs

Word Online

Programs for writing

The best way to write undoubtedly Word, which you can also use for free today! Microsoft offers its office programs for free Online version: you can create new documents to save in the cloud space offered by OneDrive or authenticate yourself in Dropbox and upload the files. The functionality is extremely reduced compared to the paid version, but you will get everything you need to write immediately without installing anything on your PC.

You can access Word Online from the following link; authentication required with a Microsoft or Skype account.

LINK | Word Online

LibreOffice Writer

Programs for writing

One of the best free writing programs without a shadow of a doubt Writer, the word processor integrated in the LibreOffice open source suite.Using this program you will have everything you need to write anything in a simple and linear way.If you don't know which program to write the your document, Writer a good starting point! Writer allows you to save documents in .doc, .docx format but in particular "pushes" to adopt the ODT format, a format free from limitations due to commercial licenses.

You can download LibreOffice Writer from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | LibreOffice Writer

Google Docs

Programs for writing

Among the free writing programs, Google Docs stands out, the word processor provided by Google to create documents quickly. The particularity of this program is to work in close harmony with the Google Drive cloud: all documents can be saved in the space reserved for all users who have a Google account, with the ability to edit and view them even when you are away from home via smartphone or tablet. Real-time cooperative mode is also very useful: if you share a document with a colleague, friend or relative he can edit it in real time the document even if you are working on it!

Google Docs designed to operate online; to use it, just visit the following link.

LINK | Google Docs

If you want to edit and create documents offline open the following link, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left and click on Settings.

LINK | All Docs documents

Programs for writing

In the small window that opens, click on Offline mode.

Programs for writing


Programs for writing

You don't want to install complicated programs on your PC? If you need a light writing program you can focus on AbiWord. This program offers the bare minimum to create documents, without necessarily having to "dirty" your PC with suites or with online word processing systems The interface is not the best, but certainly AbiWord is not a program that cares much about aesthetics.

You can download AbiWord from the following link.


If you need the portable version (without installation) you can download it from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | AbiWord (portable)

iWork Pages

Programs for writing

If you have a Mac in addition to using Office compatible with the OS X operating system, you can use the word processing program produced by Apple itself, iWork Pages. The program can be downloaded for free on all Macs and is excellent for writing fast documents, without missing advanced features such as synchronization with iCloud and the possibility of inviting other users to edit the document in real time.

If you have not already done so, you can download the entire iWork suite from the following link.


Programs to write for a fee

Microsoft Office Word

If you can spend money, which is not even much for a license that you can buy safely and legally on Amazon (find the price below), the best solution certainly Word, the best among the programs to write on PC. not even many presentations: the innovative Ribbon interface allows you to adapt the options based on what you are writing in real time, without having to get lost among the countless menus.Write a pleasure on Word, I highly recommend betting on this solution if you have to writing documents for work. Office saves documents in .docx format, but it is possible to adopt (for compatibility) the good old .doc format.

You can try Word for a short limited time

DOWNLOAD | Microsoft Word 2016

Or purchase the Microsoft Office license on Amazon, which includes in addition to Word, also Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote and Outlook:


Programs for writing

Looking for programs to write the right one to start sketching your novel or short story? to fully express all your creativity.

The paid program; but you can download a trial with which to try all the features from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Scrivener