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Pentium 4, muted debut

Pentium 4, muted debut logomacitynet1200wide 1

Quiet debut for Pentium 4. Intel's new chip, which should soon take the place of Pentium III in all mid-range machines, had a very difficult December. In fact, only 1% of the machines sold had the processor launched with a large pump and deployment of means. The entry into the scene is even more evident if we consider that in the first month of availability Pentium III was sold on 8% of computers. Based on this failure there would be some convergent causes. The first and most important is the slowdown in the IT market. Consumers who decided to buy in December did so with prices in mind and this has favored cheaper solutions than those that include Pentium III. A second factor that affected the soft debut were the bugs that it contained and that forced a slowdown in production. "But this is not enough to justify what happened – PC Data's Stephen Baker told ZDNet who elaborated the investigation – Pentium 4 did not have the same impact as Pentium III. " "In first place as a motivation for what happened – said Eric Rothdeutsch of Robertson Stephens – I would put the scarcity of the question, in the second the fact that nobody needs the performance it offers, in the third the fact that the computer manufacturers they are not willing to offer systems that use Rambus memories, required by Pentium to operate and which are much more expensive than traditional memories. " According to Eric Rothdeutsch, then there are also some technical problems, such as the size of the chip, twice the size of a Pentium III, and its performance that is not much higher than that of its predecessor but at very cost higher.

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