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Online scams during Black Friday, credit cards in danger

A period where frantic shopping can lead to fatal distractions that could facilitate the work of hackers

Scams online during Black Friday? They are there and they are dangerous. That of online scams seems like a hackneyed speech but one must never, ever let your guard down. Especially during events like Black Friday (here all the best offers that anticipate Black Friday 2019), where so-called cybercriminals are lurking to take advantage of a time when fast-paced shopping it can lead to risky distractions in performing credit card transactions without paying too much attention to what "places" of the web you are in.

Activities in the so-called increase undergroud market of credit cards. The production of counterfeit credit cards is increasing. It increases the activity ofransomware, SEO poisoning and malvertising and cybercriminals attack e-commerce sites to send ransomware to their buyers. The number of so-called CNP fraud, card not present fraud, or violations that occur in contexts where the credit card is not physically used (transactions online, by phone, or email) is also growing. And scams are increasing thanks tophishingwhat identity theft to collect information and therefore request a new credit card. Increase in scams due to incorrect implementation of EMV chips (EuroPay, MasterCard Visa), the globally recognized standard for the use of smart payments, has also increased, since this vulnerability can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Online scams during Black Friday, dangers and advice

online hacker scams

The Black Friday 2019 sale offers will be real time for some brands and products, while some will be unveiled a few days before the fateful date of "black Friday", 29 November. But there are many fake coupons and business offers that offer discounts of up to 85% on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and now also Telegram. These offers contain special codes. When a user enters their details to unlock offers, your credit card details they are saved and are used in most scams and thefts during Black Friday.

To avoid online scams during Black Friday the advice for users of never click on suspicious links, always check the official websites for any offers. Black Friday offers will be available as soon as retailers promote them, post ads and appear on their website and social media page. No need to rush , just be patient and make safe purchases in the official events of Black Friday 2019.