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No Voispring for Mac

Voice Over IP a technology that allows you to make / receive calls directly from the Internet at the cost of just connecting to our provider (and therefore having "flat" rates, there is no additional charge), all while we are comfortably browsing or downloading mail or whatever.

Voispring a software developed by Tiscali that allows you to call any urban or interurban number (excluding cell phones) through our Internet connection. You just need to have a microphone (to speak), speakers (or headphones, however any audio reception system) and know the number to dial … Nice, you say, and in fact it is really a nice gimmick, also considering that the software totally in Italian and has an attractive interface.

But there is a but. Voispring currently only available for Windows. Voispring Technical Assistance Service asked Macity about it:

"Good morning,

Voispring is not currently available for MacIntosh computers.

It is in the interest of the Tiscali Company to promote initiatives that also involve Apple users, but at the moment we have no idea what the technical times could be for a possible Mac version.

In any case, as soon as this version is available we will promptly communicate it on the website ".

We just have to wait then. The only advice we would like to give is to write numerous to Tiscali in the hope that this will be a signal that can shorten the time for porting to our platform.

(By Enrico Querci)