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Most purchased products on Amazon in 2019

Many curiosities that concern practically every product sector

What are the most purchased products on Amazon in 2019? The most famous e-commerce platform in the world with an interesting ranking communicating them, curious to reveal some of the Italians' habits. In the top 5 of the products most purchased by Italian customers on Amazon,Fire TV Stickconquers the first position precedingEcho Dot, while the cardsSamsung microSDthey reach the third step of the podium.

The Fire TV Stick bestsellers in many Italian cities, while a Milan is Bologna the bestseller was the Borbone coffee in capsules. TO turin Samsung's microSD cards are depopulated and in many cities of Italy the Echo Dot (3rd generation) occupies a position in the top 10.

amazon fire tv

Here are the top 10 of the most purchased products on Amazon in 2019 nationwide:

  1. Fire TV Stick, Basic Edition
  2. Echo Dot (3rd generation)
  3. Samsung 32 GB microSD card with SD adapter
  4. Caff Borbone Respresso Pack of 100 Capsules
  5. Samsung 64 GB microSD card with SD adapter
  6. Seresto medium / large dog collar
  7. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Activity tracker with heart rate monitoring (EU version)
  8. Fujifilm Instax Mini Film, Instant Film for Instax Mini Cameras,
  9. Caff Borbone Don Carlo Black Blend Pack of 100 capsules
  10. FIFA 20 Standard PlayStation 4

Some interesting ones have also been releasedstatistics on the habits of the Italiansthe:

  • rum is the favorite digestive of Italiansfor the evening glass, but also back in vogue in Scotch whiskey:
  • Seresto the most appreciated brand for purchases dedicated topets, followed by AdvantixSpot and AmazonBasics;
  • the editorial success of the year ?The horns are good on all. But I was better off without ?by Giulia De Lellis, which outperformed the competition. Follow the food advice of Adriano Panzironi and "Enter the world of Lu and Sof":
  • regarding fashion, watchDigital Unisex Case the bestsellerfollowed by the black 24-liter Eastpak Padded Pak'R unisex backpack;
  • in the food section, the Caff Borbone and Don Carlo Miscela Nera and Miscela Rossa Respresso capsules are the most popular products, but they are also popular capsules;
  • regarding the house and kitchen, stand out the pack of 6 BRITA filters for six months of filtered water;
  • in Amazon Launchpad, the products most loved by Italians were the Netatmo NTH01-IT-EC intelligent WiFi thermostat, the adjustable tablet holder and the GPS tracker for dogs Tractive;
  • in Beauty category customers liked Tigi's Curls Rock Amplifer;
  • in toy store LOLs were the most purchased.

Finally, Fifa 20 for PlayStaton 4 was the game of 2019, followed by "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled" for Play Station 4 and Fifa 19 for PS4.

RegardingAmazon Music, the most listened artist streaming on Amazon Music in Italy state LastThe 5 most listened songs streaming on Amazon Music in Italy They were:

  1. For a million, Boomdabash
  2. Money, Mahmood
  3. Ostia Lido, J-AX
  4. Jambo, Takagi & Ketra, OMI, Giusy Ferreri
  5. Where and when, Benji & Fede