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MACWORLD: The most popular 15 ″ TFT

MACWORLD: The most popular 15 ? TFT | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

During KeyNote, Jobs announced the price drop of the 15 ? TFT monitor presented in July, raised from $ 999 to $ 799. The new prices were immediately operational and were immediately received by the online stores of the various countries. In fact, on Apple Store Italy, the monitor is now offered at 1,799,000 lire excluding VAT, maintaining the same characteristics as before, including the two-port USB pass-through hub. The drop in price places the Apple monitor on a price among the lowest on the market for such a product, if we then consider that the quality of Apple's 15 ? is particularly good, we find that the monitor would be an excellent solution even for those with a PC machine, too bad the proprietary connector.

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