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MACWORLD: SoftMac 2000 version 8.02, works well

MACWORLD: SoftMac 2000 version 8.02, works fine | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

This is the latest version of SoftMac 2000, announced a few days ago, the rhyme of the macworld, but which we could only get our hands on today. The powerful Pentium 4 on which SoftMac was installed ran OS 8.1 on a virtual machine in 68040 emulation. What a machine! he seemed to have a flesh-and-blood PowerPC in his hands. In fact, even if the emulation is that of the 68xxx processors, this does not mean poor performance: to move everything there was always a machine at 1200 MHz, a bit like having a Quadra at 1000 MHz. Obviously the specific software for PowerPC they cannot be used. The version of Photoshop installed was 3.0, but we must admit that we were impressed. Back home, we will conduct accurate tests to fully evaluate their capabilities. For example, on the machine with which we carried out the road test, the color depth was limited to 256 colors.SoftMac is on sale for 99.95 dollars (149.95 with OS 8 and shareware; 249.95 with ROM card and image of the ROM 68000 on floppy). (By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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