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MACWORLD: Everything is ready for the Expo

MACWORLD: Everything is ready for the Expo | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The week of the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco begins today. The event, traditionally the most important and awaited by the Mac world with that of New York, this year comes at a delicate moment for the Apple company which must use the window set up at the Moscone Center to revive its image. Therefore, many new products are expected in the hardware and software field, including a revision of the G4, a restyled PB and MacOs 9.1., As well as surprise announcements. Macity and MacProf, as is now tradition, present in force in the city of Pacific with four envoys who will follow all the events from the first minute. The MacWorld journalistic coverage begins from this morning with a series of services that will first take stock of the situation in which Apple finds itself then will try to comb through the various rumors, more or less credible, launched in the past weeks to indicate which, in our opinion, are the most probable. Tomorrow evening it will be the turn of the "direct" from San Francisco where at 6 pm, Italian time, Jobs will keep his keynote. Our local editorial staff in constant contact with our editors who will sit in the Moscone Ballroom will offer real-time updates on Job's announcements. Once the keynote has finished, the publication of our services will begin. Expect photographic reports, news from the stands, product previews, exclusives and previews from the very first hours. To follow the events we have set up a special MacProf page that will be used as an index of all the services we will publish. From here you will be sent back to all the various pages that we will set up in the next few hours and also to Macity services.We remind you that the keynote will be transmitted via the Web in QT format. "Web congestion" allowing the page to be visited will be this. Apple has also prepared a special page on MacWorld from which to poster its services on the event. Those who are lucky enough to own a suitable satellite system (or to find out if you have a suitable satellite system) to receive the keynote find the indications for its tuning with the times on this MacProf page.

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