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MACWORLD: A new audio output for the G4

MACWORLD: A new audio output for the G4 | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

As we saw yesterday, the new Apple Pro Speakers are compatible only with the new G4 San Franscisco, this is because they are analog speakers with non-amplified output.

Apple has however left available the normal audio output with low amplification level to which you can connect headphones or external amplified speakers or a hifi amplifier. Unfortunately, no S / PDIF digital output has been provided (perhaps useful for coming out with the 5.1 audio of a DVD) and for this we will have to turn to a third-party card such as Creative's.

As you can see from our photos, the non-amplified audio port uses a standard 3.5 mm jack and it is possible to disable, through the control panel, the internal speaker of the Mac (monophonic) when you insert a headphone or an external amplifier. the data – 2.0 V peak peak (0.7 V RMS) output level – impedance suitable to support 32 Omhs headphones – SNR (signal / noise ratio) 90 dB – total harmonic distortion 0.03% or less

The port dedicated to PRO speakers and therefore amplified equipped with a 2.5 mm Jack (obviously the different size is used to not connect already amplified devices). Apple recommends not to connect other types of speakers, perhaps by adapting the existing connector, and does not provide additional data except the power of the amplifier: 10 W.

in the photo: the location of the additional audio output. The insertion of the additional output coincides with the suppression of the Audio input. Now in the Apple range only the iMac is equipped with this port: for all other machines a USB Audio adapter is required such as Griffin's iMic or Macally's iVoice whose cost ranges from 80,000 upwards. The audio input on USB still ensures better signal quality and specialized peripherals such as Roland UA-30 can be used

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