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It would take a brilliant idea

It would take a brilliant idea | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

A growing group of analysts believe that Apple may not be able to make slight changes to its product range to re-launch itself on the market. This is the result of an investigation that the Reuters news agency conducted in recent days, in view of the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. According to a group of experts in the sector, the Cupertino company must find a new, more radical way, to drive innovation without "riding the market wave," as Daniel Kunstler, a JP analyst, argues Morgan H&Q. "Other competitors – Kunstler says – have decided to make other choices by entering the market of Internet devices and high-end machines". "Apple has done little or nothing in the innovation field in recent months. The iMacs – said Stephen Baker of PC Data – were only changed in color and the Cube disappointed in terms of price. Even the most loyal Mac users demand value for what they pay. "" Apple has done a modest job in exploiting the multimedia capabilities of its machines – added Kunstler – perhaps they should have tried to do something more "" We are pessimistic – instead says an analyst who preferred to remain anonymous – although Apple is not the only company whose next move cannot be predicted. " Bear Sterns' more optimistic Andy Neff "Apple is certainly not at risk of disappearing – says the analyst indicating its loyal user base – the question of what can make it flourish and thrive"

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