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IPhone commercials during Oscar night

IPhone commercials during Oscar night Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The first iPhone commercial will debut tomorrow night during the Oscar night. The trusted Macworld USA launched an indiscretion in an article published a few minutes ago.

The website of the American magazine is unable to give precise information on the content of the advertising film; what you can know that it is a creation designed specifically for the event.

The decision to broadcast the commercial on American TV linked to the great visibility of the event, which in the USA as in the whole world was one of the most popular social moments of the year. In Italy the night of the Oscars is broadcast by Sky Cinema but the satellite feed obviously devoid of the commercials that are broadcast on US TV.

Apple is certainly not the first company in the world to use the Oscars as a stage for the presentation of a very popular product. Last year, for example, Motorola gave a Razr to all Academy Award nominees

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