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iPhone at Oscar night: here is the spot

iPhone at Oscar night: here is the commercial logomacitynet1200wide 1

A series of very fast flashes in which various characters answer the phone saying "Hello" and finally an image of the iPhone. Here is what consists of the first commercial launched by Apple to support the launch (still quite distant) of its mobile phone. The promotional video, as anticipated during Friday, aired during the Oscar night, one of the most popular events on American (and worldwide) TV.

The spot, as mentioned, an "anthem" to the answer on the phone. There are actors, more or less recognizable (from Humphrey Bogart to Jerry Lewis, from Michael J. Fox to Samuel Jackson, from De Niro to Michael Douglas and there are also cartoon characters such as Betty of the Flintstones and Mr. Incredible or foreign actors such as Audrey Tatou in "The Fabulous World of Amelie) who lift the receiver and say" ready "in the most disparate ways, affably or in an alarmed way, screaming or using slang ways. In the end you see an iPhone that rotates quickly and while the music (Eberg's Inside Your Head fades) fades you hear very quickly the trill of a phone with a writing "Coming in June", arriving in June, which definitively cuts the head to the bull on the sidelines of speculations that wanted an advance on the launch of the cell phone.

Among the details that can be seen from the very synthetic commercial (less than 30 seconds) there is the writing that appears on the phone that is no longer "Cingular" but "At & T", the new commercial name that is taking on the telephone network.

We talk about the spot in this topic of our forum: help us find the title of the film from which the short clips are taken!

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