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Instagram tests secure authentication, but muntiaccount has a bug on Android

Some Android users have received notifications from users with whom they co-managed a profile: the social network tries to fix the bug, while testing secure authentication in two steps

bugs(Photo: Android Central)

Good news and bad news. First the good: Instagram is testing two-pass authentication, to improve its safety. Too bad that, on the subject of security, we should instead wait to rejoice for the multiaccount function, whose release started a couple of weeks ago. Some Android users have reported obnoxious bugs that the company has promised to fix as soon as possible.

For example, it may happen that you receive not only direct notifications and messages from your account, but also those from the accounts of your colleagues who co-manage the profile together with you. In fact, some users have received Like and DM notifications from people who had common access to a third profile.

As reported by Android Central, the bug stops at a superficial level: by clicking on notifications from others, you are redirected to your account, and not to the specific content. This is not to lift from privacy issue that the bug entails (see who writes or mentions others, be aware of interactions that do not concern their subscription).

As for two-factor authentication attempts, the tool will allow users to check the phone number. If someone should try to log in via email and password, an SMScon with a security code will be sent to the user.


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