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Instagram has started the release of multiaccount management

A drop-down menu on the profile name will allow you to switch from one account to another on the platform

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

No more cumbersome steps to manage different profiles on Instagram will soon be needed: the platform, in fact, is gradually releasing the function to manage more than one account in an agile way. According to Instagramers Italia, iPhone users have begun to see a window appear that allows you to add other accounts to their own. So after the beta test on Android, now it's iOS's turn.

A drop-down menu will open under your profile name, allowing you to immediately switch to other accounts managed by the user. To avoid errors, a green bar will inform which page you are managing.

Still no indication regarding the notifications that the app notifies you when one of your contacts accesses social under another name. Overcoming this function, especially in terms of multiaccount management, would be a good step forward.


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