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iConcertCal, concerts on iTunes

Original iTunes plug-in designed for music fans. IConcertCal will explore your music library, memorize the artists contained in it and, by connecting to an online archive, will create a calendar containing the timetables and all the upcoming concerts of your favorite artists. .

Just set the city where you live and iConcertCal will program the entire calendar of events that may interest you, all within the iTunes interface.

The software is also interesting for young artists, who will be able to worry about inserting their shows into the database from which the application goes fishing weekly, to update the agenda of events.

In case you are also interested in bands or artists not included in your library, you can also insert a properly formatted file from which iConcertCal will obtain the desired information.

The program available in freeware version for Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.3 or later versions. Unfortunately, the service is currently only available for the US territory, but the developers are working to extend it to the rest of the world.