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How to see if Pokemon Go servers are active

Pokemon Go the game that opened the door to a new world of augmented reality-based gameplay. Initially Pokemon Go was available only in some countries and only subsequently was gradually released in other States (including the release in Italy). its diffusion was so overwhelming that it became the most played game of the moment. Its great diffusion was probably not expected even by its creators, in fact, the cases of connection problems with Pokemon Go servers, problems that are most noticeable during the launch phases in new states.pokemon go server offline server

Although even now it happens that there are connection problems with Pokemon Go servers, the disconnections with Pokemon Go servers they happen less frequently. We talk about the "lasting" disconnections that make it completely impossible to connect and / or play Pokemon Go, while the most common disconnections last a few seconds and allow you to recover the game without losing game developments. The inability to connect to Pokemon Go servers, and therefore not being able to access the game, can become unnerving, especially if you are going around looking for wild Pokemon to catch.

There loss of connection with Pokemon Go server, during the game, displayed with the image of a white Poke ball that appears at the top left and remains fixed; the image disappears when the game synchronizes (reconnects) with the server.

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How to see if Pokemon Go servers are active

For see if Pokemon Go servers are active (UP) or not (DOWN) Various services are available that are accessible on the Internet. The services we list are accessible both from desktop and mobile browsers.

Pokemon Go Server Status

Pokemon Go Server Status 1

By going to the Pokemon Go Server Status website, you can view the status of the servers that offer Pokemon Go for the various countries.For every nation for which Pokemon Go has been released, a number representing the response time in milliseconds of the server of the corresponding nation is displayed. When the time increases (it is represented with a! And in orange) it means that the server starts to be "overloaded" and it is possible that there are connection problems with the game.

Is Pokemon Go Down or Not

Is Pokemon Go Down or Not 2

Is Pokemon Go Down or Not offers a very complete service that collects various information about Pokemon Go servers. You can view it health status of the server of Pokemon Go, the graphical trend of the server status and its latency in the last 24 hours. Lo is also displayed operating state of the two types of access made available to play Pokemon Go, access with the Google account (Google login) and access with the Pokemon Go account (PTC login), divided by those who access from the United States (US) and those who access from Europe.