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How to convert eBooks to any reader

Some time ago we had provided you with a list of Italian and foreign sites to download eBooks for free for your reader preferred.

The formats that are around are the most disparate and depend a lot on the device at your disposal, most of the conversions required are:

  • convert ebook to pdf
  • convert kindle ebook
  • convert ebookdrm
  • convert ebook to mobi
  • convert ebook to epub

Different manufacturers supply the converters to facilitate the use of the different file formats on the reader.

Today we see some Sites, or online services that allow the conversion of ebooks without installing programs and some Software which allow you to convert a large amount of ebookin many formats in addition to those mentioned above, simply with a few steps, a procedure within everyone's reach.

Convert Ebook Online

Between sites which allow you to convert eBooks to various formats I, currently the best on the net.

Once the site is open, we must follow three simple steps, as also shown in the image below:

  1. Select the format in which you prefer to convert the file, we can choose between EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, FB2, LIT and LRF
  2. Upload the files by clicking on the button indicated by the arrow or if you want you can also drag them into the gray space
  3. At this point the conversion will start once the files have been loaded, just wait a few moments and click on the "Download all" button if you have converted multiple files or simply by clicking on the "download" button in yellow in the box of the single converted file

convert-ebook-online "width =" 963 "height =" 723 "srcset =" 963w, https: // 300w, -ebook-online-768x577.png 768w, 600w, /wp-content/uploads/2011/07/convertire-ebook-online-80x60.png 80w, png 265w, 696w, 07/2011 / convert-ebook-online-559x420.png 559w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 963px) 100vw, 963px "/></p>
<p>As an alternative to <strong></strong>, another excellent site that I can recommend <strong></strong>, another very simple site to use, only allowing maximum conversion of 5 files, while with Toepub you can convert 20 at a time and also slower to convert.</p>
<p>Simple operation, in which all you have to do is:</p>
<li>Upload the file by clicking on "Browse" if you have it on your computer or if a file on the internet you can insert the link on the right by clicking on "ADD".</li>
<li>Select the format you want to convert it to under "Convert to"</li>
<li>Click on ?Convert? and if you want to insert your e-mail to receive the link of the converted file on your e-mail box</li>
<p><img class=Programs to Convert Ebooks

Among the software to convert ebooks to any format, the best one I recommend Caliber, which besides converting ebooks allows you to organize your digital library, synchronizing it with all the main models of e-book reader and also among the many functions, downloading the meta-data of books from the Internet.

The formats supported by Caliber they are really a lot, below you find the list:

Media formats that can be converted: AZW, AZW3, AZW4, CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, DJVU, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, HTML, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB , RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ

Final conversion formats: AZW3, EPUB, DOCX, FB2, HTMLZ, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PMLZ, RB, PDF, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ, ZIP

Once the program is installed, we perform the following steps:

  1. Click on "Add books"And select the file that interests us
  2. We will find this file loaded within the program, select it
  3. Click on "Convert Books"

convert-ebook-software "width =" 872 "height =" 593 "srcset =" 872w, https: // 300w, -ebook-software-768x522.png 768w, 600w, /wp-content/uploads/2011/07/convertire-ebook-software-696x473.png 696w, png 618w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 872px) 100vw, 872px "/></p>
<p>At this point a new window will open:</p>
<li>Select from the drop-down menu the format in which we want to convert the file</li>
<li>Click on "<em>OK</em>"</li>
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