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How to change your Gmail password

If you are wondering how to change your Gmail password then you are in the right place.You can have a lot of reasons to do such a thing: for example, you may have forgotten to remove the access made on a PC or smartphone not yours or yet, you may suspect that someone has you watched carefully while typing your password.

In all cases change your Gmail password not difficult and you can do it comfortably both from computer and smartphone.Indeed, I will tell you, carrying out this operation periodically helps you to preserve the security of your account and all the data stored in Google services:always remember that changing your Gmail password means changing the password of all the Google services associated with your email address (therefore also Google Drive, Google Plus, Google Photos, etc.).

In this simple guide I will explain how change your Gmail password both from your computer that from smartphone: in both cases the procedures are very very simple!

Note that, after performing this operation, you will be automatically disconnected from all the devices on which your Gmail account was inserted and you will have to log in again using the new password.

When you choose your password try to find one that satisfies you some criteria so that it is more difficult to guess or track down.

How to change Gmail password from PC

For change your Gmail password from PC you just have to click on the link below to access the edit page:

LINK | Change Gmail password

If necessary, enter your username and password again, and possibly the access code for two-factor authentication. Once done, you will be taken to a page similar to the one you can see below:How to change Gmail password

You just have to type twice, in the appropriate fields, the new Gmail password you have chosen and click on "Change password": at this point the game is done and you have successfully changed the Gmail password.

How to change Gmail password from Android smartphone or tablet

To change the Gmail password of an account associated with your Android smartphone or tablet, you can proceed in an even simpler way.

From your device menu go to Settings> Accounts and then tap on the account Google whose password you want to changeNote that in some devices (e.g. Xiaomi), you will find the Google item in the Settings menu> Accounts> Other accounts.How to change your Gmail password

Once done, tap on Access and securityHow to change your Gmail password … then on Password.How to change your Gmail password Once this operation is completed you will be automatically directed, via the system browser, to the Google page to change the Gmail password: enter your old password if requested, then double-type the new password and tap on "Change Password".How to change your Gmail password Again, you will be logged out of all active accounts and will have to log in with the new password on all other devices.

How to change the password of Gmail from iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately it is not possible to access the page to change the Gmail password directly from the iOS Settings menu: in this case you will only have to follow the same procedure seen for PC, opening the link via the browser of your iPhone or iPad. absolutely identical procedure!