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How long does an app last on the smartphone?

How long does an application installed on the smartphone last? After how much non-use is trashed, and why?

Applications are services. So, the most not find an idea to get them downloaded, but one that can resist on users' smartphones. Unused apps remain installed for a week for 29% of users, from 1 to three months for 32%. Only 11% wait 3-6 months before removing them. These are the results of the study conducted by Yahoo, carried out on a sample of 2,590 mobile users in the United States.

First of all: how do the apps arrive on our phones? 61% are downloaded directly from the app store. There is a tendency to download directly from the store with igames (44%), apps for children (34%) and those dedicated to lifestyle (33%).

In 49% of cases the advertising with links for the download that convinces the user, and also neconvince one out of two can use dormant apps that he had already downloaded. The negative reviews instead are an important deterrent (39%), together with insufficient memory space (36%). Among the reasons for not downloading an app, follow the cost too high (36%) and the similarity to unapp already in use (32%).

Among the longest-running apps, there are not those dedicated to information: in fact, the news apps are the ones that are deleted first (on average after 11 weeks of non-use), followed by shopping, search and entertainment apps (12 weeks) and hotels, management and connection (13 weeks).

Inactivity is the main reason why they end up in the trash (55%), together with the replacement with a new app deemed more useful (53%). Advertising tired in 46% of cases, and the need to make room also has its weight (45%).

However, developers should not give up: 30% of the sample interviewed would like to an app that has not yet been invented.


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