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How does the crocodile do? Google finally tells you

The search results respond with sounds: just ask the app to face an animal

These animals have developed very special anatomical adaptations to hunt their prey in the water. Ears, eyes and nostrils are placed in the upper part of the head, so that they can be kept out of the water keeping the rest of the body hidden under the surface

You don't have to recite the verses of animals all of you. To the ugly, you will know where to study. Google will take care of meeting you. The search engine has entered a series of audio files to make users hear the sounds of animals.

Type: which way does the moose do? You can ask the Android or iOS app with a voice command: Ok Google, towards moose, and the game done. Same success if you type "towards" added to the name of the animal in question on the search bar.

It could be a fun start for other types of experimentation, but in the meantime we stay in the old farm climate.


At the moment, the available sounds are: monkey, cat, cow, dog, duck, elephant, horse, lion, moose, owl, pig, raccoon, rooster, sheep, tiger, turkey, turtle, arctic whale, humpback whale (which makes a beautiful verse) and zebra. And no, the crocodile is missing once again.

They are things.


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