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Have you already downloaded Gianni Morandi's stickers for Telegram?

The Italian public of the encrypted messages app can count on a gallery of exceptional stickers: those of the national Gianni

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Other than miraculous bots, and data security, and transparency: the true competitive factor of Telegram compared to other instant messaging services, are Giangli Morandi. It is not clear when they were introduced, even if there is a track online that leads back to May, but it does not matter: there are.

If you have the right friends, it will be the first thing that will be sent to you as soon as you access the app (which notifies you when there are new subscribers to the service in your address book). In that case, it will be enough click on the first sticker received to be able to add it to your library.

To find new ones, the mechanism seems not very intuitive – especially if used to the trolley> browse> download of Messenger – but less than expected. you need to find the right site and navigate it from mobile. At that point choose the gallery that most interests you and click the link that will add the stickers to the application.

They come in all kinds: taking for granted more classic (gattyni-doggies-soft beings) there are those of Narcos and Sopranos, those of Erdogan and Imam Khamenei. But nobody surpasses our national Gianni, to whom Telegram recognizes the right role of recognizer and social media star.


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