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Harman / Kardon Bridge: a bridge between iPod and Home Theater

A current Home Theater system cannot ignore the consideration of devices that, typically, are not immediately associated with it. The massive diffusion of iPods today makes it almost obvious that they need to be integrated with home systems, since portability is not it runs out in itself, but can also be exploited in other ways. So many companies are deciding to add a plug to the home theater systems they produce, a plug that allows you to connect the Cupertino player with your home audio / video system.

An example is the Bridge by Harman / Kardon: aesthetically the accessory resembles a small curved bridge, with a central dock base in which to insert iPod. The Bridge compatible with iPod 3G, 4G and 5G, iPod photo, iPod mini and iPod nano.

In addition to keeping the player charging, it connects to Harman Kardon's AVR receiver-amplifiers compatible with Bridge technology. We recall in this regard that the company announced, for spring, other AVRs coming soon: AVR 347 (999 Dollars) and AVR 247 (549 Dollars), both 7.1 systems, and AVR 147 (449 Dollars) and AVR 146 ( 349 Dollars), equipped with 5.1 audio.

Once iPod is connected to the Bridge and the latter to the sinto-amplifier, it will be possible to play the audio and video contents through the Home Theater system. The Bridge has full compatibility with the remote controls supplied with the AVRs; browsing the contents of the iPod will therefore be facilitated by using the remote control on the interactive menu displayed on the screen, as well as on the buttons on the front panel of the AVR.

Harman / Kardon Products are distributed in Italy by Kenwood Electronics Italia

The price of the Bridge around 109 Euros. The AVRs mentioned above will be available next April.

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