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Google searches in 2019: the trends of the year with the rankings

The most searched words on Google in 2019: Nadia Toffa and Notre Dame are the emerging words, among the most frequent questions "why did the government fall?"

What were the Italian users' searches on Google in 2019? The Big G search engine tells us directly, as it does every yearthe most interesting trends of the past 12 months dividing them into lists. There are the emerging words, the characters, the "do it yourself", how to do it, what it means, why, the holiday destinations, the recipes, the event tickets. These rankings are "reduced" by the absolute search terms on the podium. Terms such as the weather forecast, or the horoscope of the day for example. Only the terms they had during the year are entered significant growth compared to the previous year so as not to "drug" the rankings of Google searches in 2019 with totally "evergreen" topics. let's see in detail the lists.

The most searched words on Google 2019

Nadia Toffa google 2019

Nadia Toffa is Notre Dame are the emerging words of the year for Italian users of the Google search engine. The dead conductor and the dramatic fire of the Parisian cathedral shocked users and searches intensified. Sanremo a leitmotif and ranks third while another VIP death is in the top five positions. Let's talk about the act of the successful Beverly Hills 90210 television series Luke Perry. Great career entry in the word ranking Joker, thanks to the film currently in theaters which is enjoying great critical acclaim with a Joker interpreted by Joquin Phoenix who won the Golden Lion in Venice.

  1. Nadia Toffa
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Sanremo
  4. European elections
  5. Luke Perry
  6. Government
  7. Joker
  8. Mia Martini
  9. Mahmood
  10. Thanos

The most searched characters on Google 2019

Luke Perry words Google 2019

Also for the list of characters Nadia Toffa the most sought after and there are three famous people who passed away in 2019 that are included in this ranking. In addition to poor Nadia we still find Luke Perry and in fifth position Cameron Boyce, Disney Channel actor who died in his twenties last July. Then there is a slice of Sanremo(Mahmood, Achille Lauro, Patty Pravo) e a pinch of calcium (Icardi eMatthijs De Ligt).

  1. Nadia Toffa
  2. Luke Perry
  3. Mia Martini
  4. Mahmood
  5. Mauro Icardi
  6. Cameron Boyce
  7. Matthijs De Ligt
  8. Achille Lauro
  9. Emma Marrone
  10. Patty Pravo

The do-it-yourself

google christmas gnomes 2019

For this special ranking little to say. It is obvious that two of the most important searches are related to beauty (face mask and lip scrub) while it is surprising to find "chicken coop" probably searched for "how to build a chicken coop".

  1. Christmas gnomes
  2. Carnival costumes
  3. Face mask
  4. Easter place cards
  5. henhouse
  6. Lip scrub
  7. Bookmark
  8. Candles
  9. Conditioner
  10. Centerpiece

How to do

google rankings navigator 2019

On the "how to do" part, it is very interesting to find on the podium "navigator question". So how to become a navigator in essence. He evidently also attracted a lot of interest in the staggered salaries for that role. A classic "how to tie a tie". but also a topic that in 2019 resulted particularly problematic, namely, "how to do the electronic invoice".

  1. Navigator question
  2. Rubik's cube
  3. Suitcase
  4. Tie knot
  5. Passport
  6. Ringlet
  7. Argumentative text
  8. Electronic invoice
  9. Paper plane
  10. chignon

Google searches 2019: What it means

machu picchu google 2019

Among the searches on google in 2019 on "what it means" the fact that there are in the top two positionsMachu Picchu and Hollywood leaves a moment bewildered. Especially for the second research. Machu Pichu (old mountain) to all intents and purposes a surprise. It is less surprising to find "flat tax" and "tax wedge", the most talked-about topics this year.

  1. Machu Picchu
  2. Hollywood
  3. Trigama
  4. Flat tax
  5. DSGA
  6. Fearless
  7. Bipolar
  8. Jambo bwana
  9. Tax wedge
  10. No deal

The most searched why on Google in 2019

google government fall 2019

Because the government fell, because Hitler hated the Jews, so far apart but certainly indicative of what transited in 2019 on Google at the "why" level. Still to understand how he manages to be in second position "postponed Lazio-Udinese". Calciofili in crisis …

  1. the government fell
  2. Lazio-Udinese postponed
  3. They are called sardines
  4. Turkey attacks the Kurds
  5. We never went back to the moon
  6. The war in Syria
  7. Mimosa has become a symbol
  8. Hitler hated Jews
  9. It is celebrated mid-August
  10. Mose doesn't work

More Google searches in 2019

Vacation destinations

  1. Zanzibar
  2. Croatia
  3. Sardinia
  4. Calabria
  5. Puglia
  6. Albania
  7. Caribbean
  8. Tuscany
  9. Trentino
  10. Maldives


  1. Neapolitan Pastiera
  2. Tiramis
  3. Lentils
  4. Easter cake
  5. Chatter
  6. Pancake
  7. Neapolitan tortano
  8. nocino
  9. Braised
  10. Sweet crepes

Event tickets

  1. Lottery Italy
  2. Last
  3. Vasco Rossi
  4. Champions League final
  5. SIGEP
  6. Women's soccer world cup
  7. Renato Zero
  8. Prado Museum
  9. Jova Beach Party
  10. Tiziano Ferro