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Google Maps now lets you add stops along the way

Bars, restaurants, service areas: Google maps now allow the pilot to extend the journey to make stops without having to reset the final destinations


Sometimes, while driving, you contemplate – out of desire, or need – variations on the journey. Clearly the navigator cannot know this. To avoid running into the nice scene that sees the maps service struggling with the famous "recalculation" and "reworking of the route", complete with an automatic voice that nags you, Google Maps has decided to insert the possibility "add stop".

Without having to stop calculating the initial route, the app allows – now also in Italy, but only for Android – to add a stop not previously assessed. Just click on the magnifying glass and choose service stations (in the American version it also indicates fuel prices), grocery stores, bars or restaurants. If the options shown are not what you need, you can take advantage of the search function and use the voice commands.

Google Maps speaks more and more – with evaluations of the type "You are on the shortest route, despite the traffic you will be at your destination by 12" – and the "add stop" function is configured as a great way to prevent communications from multiplying, without hitting the pilot's nerves.


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