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Google Chrome will notify users if the site is slow or fast

The Google browser will give indications on the speed of loading the pages of a website: a new feature in development.

Slow Chrome Sites

Another move by the Mountain View company in the fight against slow sites, but this time it is an additional function made available to those who surf online through the Google home browser.

The Big G technicians are in fact working to develop a new function that should land on Chrome in the future, which aims to improve the browsing experience on the web by users.

The new indication of Chrome

It often happens to connect to a website and have to wait several seconds before being able to enjoy the desired content: when this condition occurs, one often wonders if the problem is related to the slow connection, or if it is a rather slow site when loading pages.

Well, the direction taken by Google precisely this: the new Chrome function will be able to give information to Internet users on the speed of loading websites, informing when the site in question is too slow and it takes a few seconds to be ready for use.

It is not yet clear how the indication will occur, but at the moment there are two hypotheses on which Google is working: in the first case, Chrome could report a textual statement that reads Usually it charges slowly, or on the contrary, signal the speed of the site by changing the color of the loading bar, which would become green in the case of a very responsive website.

Mountain View technicians will also test the introduction of a contextual menu for the links, to give an indication of the speed of the site before its opening.

This is not exactly a novelty: professionals have known for a long time that Google, through its search engine, is doing its part to improve waiting times for the use of a website. In fact, for some time now, content hosted on fast websites has been more rewarded in terms of positioning among search results.

Furthermore, in the future Google thinks it can give even more specific indications on the slow browsing experience: the goal is to be able to communicate to users when the wait is due not only to the website, but also to the type of device in use or the connection used.

However, Google invites to immediately implement the improvements that can increase the speed of the site, since:

Speed ??has been one of Chrome's fundamental principles from the beginning: we are constantly working to offer users an immediate experience while browsing the web. Having said that, we visited all the web pages that we thought would load quickly, realizing that the experience could be improved. We think the web can do better and we want to help users understand when a site can load slowly, rewarding sites that offer a faster user experience.