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Google Chrome 79: more security and phishing protection

Support for predictive phishing, secure browsing real-time surveys and integrated password checking tool

Google releasedChrome 79 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS. The Google Chrome 79 browser will get new phishing protection features, protecting users from such attacks with the help of the Safe Browsing blacklist service.

On the security front, when they will enter the credentials for a web site, Chrome will avviser if your user name and password They have been compromised and c 'was a data breach and will suggest to change them wherever they are used.

Google introduced this technology for the first time earlier this year as an extension Checkup Password.In October became part of the password control in the account settings and Google now evolved for alerts while you surf the web in Chrome.

Phishing Protection in real-time and predictive

Google Chrome 79 predictive phishing

Chrome now will provide its desktop users Real-time protection from phishing designed to alert you when visiting malicious sites. ThereGoogle Safe Browsing terr a list of unsafe sites on the Web that will update every 30 minutes. Google has found that some phishing sites to bypass this 30-minute window quickly changed domains or hid from Google's crawlers.

To counter this, protection from desktop phishing in real time and should alert users who visit malicious sites in 30% in more cases. Google is implementing this protection for everyone with the "Perform searches and surf better" setting enabled in Chrome.

"If the website is not in the safe list, Chrome checks the URL anonymously with Google (after deleting any username or password embedded in the URL) to find out if you are visiting a dangerous site"Said Google.

Google Chrome 79, reducing CPU utilization

Google Chrome 79

Google Chrome 79 also introduces automatic blocking of cards, which aims to reduce the CPU usage of the browser, especially when many tabs are open. With the automatic tab blocking, Chrome pauses all the tabs running in the background so as not to load content or do any other action that can "flood the system".

Users will still be able to play audio a background tab, but if you don't interact with a card for a while, Chrome will block it until the user returns.