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Gmail: new function to send emails as attachments

A new feature allows you to better manage your Gmail mail, allowing you to send emails as attachments in new messages.

The latest news from Google's e-mail being released through a new update: this is a function that could make communication through the Mountain View e-mail service even more convenient.

It will indeed be possible soon send emails as attachments to new emails: not a Inception, yet, for those who have never felt the need for a feature of this type, it may not be immediately clear what it is.

The new feature of Gmail

To explain well the latest gem of the house Google thinks about the company itself, through a post on its official blog. Specifically, the new function could be useful when you are used to share e-mails received with the rest of the team, for example.

This is an alternative to the Forward function, to allow third parties to receive the same material received by email from the recipient of origin.The difference, however, lies in the possibility of sending everything in the form of an attachment to the new e-mail, which I will now present an extension of the .eml type

In fact, with this update Google does nothing but make things easier for users of its mail service. In fact, to date it is possible to send e-mails for example those received as an attachment to new messages through downloading the original message.

With the new function, however, Google simplifies the system by allowing users to send e-mails as attachments in a few steps, and even being able to take advantage of a simple drag and drop always inside the mailbox.

Google explains in its blog:

Why should you use it?We've listened to you, and we know there are situations where attaching emails makes more sense than forwarding separate emails, such as when you want to forward multiple messages related to a single topic. With this new feature, you can do just that. Sending e-mails as attachments allows you to write a summary e-mail message to the recipients, and to attach the support e-mail set that the recipients can open directly in their mail client.

To make the system even tidier, Google has specified that when the recipient receives the message with previous emails as an attachment, the latter will be opened in new browser tabs.

The update will be rolled out and will be received by users gradually: for the moment, in Italy, it is not yet possible to exploit this function, whose release should be completed within the first days of 2020.