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From Hammacher Schlemmer a water-proof wireless speaker for iPod

In the collective imagination, one of the places where you can let off steam every personal singing desire in the shower. For those who decide to improvise a "wet karaoke", the new release of Hammacher Schlemmer, a wireless dock base combined with a waterproof speaker, falls as a bean: a feature that will allow you to position the audio speaker close to the wet, without having to worry about disastrous short circuits.

The important thing will be to keep the dock base in a safe position, while the speaker can be used in any home environment: while washing dishes, during a shower or a relaxing bath. The gadget also includes AM / FM radio and alarm function, in case you fall asleep in the bathtub. The display, surrounded by controls, positioned in the center of the 6W speaker; mention should also be made of the audio / video RCA output, the automatic switch-off function, the remote control for remote control and an audio input which ensures connection to other sound diffusion devices.

Hammacher Schlemmer's Wireless Water-Resistant iPod Speaker works via AC adapter and is compatible with iPod nano 1G and 2G, iPod with video and iPod photo. It is on sale on the online store of the New York company at the price of 199.95 Dollars.

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