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Fake Facebook accounts, removed 3.2 of fake profiles

Suicide, self-harm and naked children are the hardest hit by the social network which reveals impressive data

Fake Facebook accounts are short-lived. The news comes directly from Menlo Park which he claimed to have removed from his service by April to September 2.2 billion fake profiles, false. And according to what was declared almost all the fake accounts were detected before they had the opportunity to become "active" users, therefore not counted in the numbers of users that the company reports regularly. However, Facebook estimates that about 5% of its 2.45 billion user accounts are fake.

The company also said it had removed 18.5 million profiles with pictures of naked children and pictures of sexual exploitation.

fake facebook accounts

Also removed 11.4 million cases of hate speech during the same period, compared to 7.5 million in the previous six months. The company said it is starting to proactively remove hate speech, such as with some extremist content, the exploitation of minors and other material.

Not only. In addition to fake Facebook accounts, in the third quarter of 2019 about 2.5 million posts that encouraged suicide and self-harm have been removed. And 845 thousand on Instagram, which recently announced a close on posts with this type of content following the suicide, in England, of a 14-year-old who according to her family before the tragic gesture she had seen on the self-injury app post. , have been eliminated about 4.4 million content related to the sale of drugs and 2.3 million related to the sale of weapons; on Instagram, in the same categories, 1.5 million and 58.600 content. ?We will continue to refine the processes we use to measure our actions and create a solid system to ensure that the metrics provided are accurate?, The social network stressed in a note.