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Facebook, a new browser to never let you leave the app

New navigation features are on the way to never have to leave the application and give more information on the contents

(Photo: Henry Wilmer / Twitter)(Photo: Henry Wilmer / Twitter)

Don't open that window. Facebook is testing a new browser that looks to do everything possible so that the user does not leave the application. If before, by clicking on a link, it was sent back to the corresponding window, it now seems that the content is usable within the application itself.

The first reports, as reconstructed The Newt Web, date back to early December and experimentation continues for a group of iOS users.

The change not only affects the display of content, but also adds new features: a lower bar d news about the popularity of the content, as well as offering the possibility to browse it back and forth and bookmark it.

So, alongside the Instant Articles, created in collaboration with many international newspapers and created to upload the news in the shortest time possible, Facebook is preparing an update that allows you to enjoy the contents published on the platform without ever having to abandon it.


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